Being a Student is no longer a disadvantage – Avail Student Car Loan

Being a student, you are not expected to possess funds to invest on expensive or reasonably priced assets. However, due to the trend of student emigration increasing day by day, and due to expanding opportunities in every field, their standard of living has made a significant jump in recent times. With the rise in their expectations, students have also started dreaming of owning a car. They know that college student auto loans are available aplenty nowadays and if they can get hold of a reliable dealer who offers the loan at a good interest rate and reduced monthly payment, then owning a car will no longer be a distant dream for them.

New car financing for students include a lot of rebates and discounts as it is for the student community and every lender in the market is aware of their monetary capability. All the car loan companies are aware that students do not have too much cash at their disposal and so a new car financing market has been established keeping the student community as the prime audience. These student car finance companies are directly associated with various dealers which approve the college student auto loan. These agencies also provide new car finance to students for purchasing a car from another dealership or from their relatives or friends.

There are several features of a college student car loan. Since students form a large part of any society, if made the prime targets for selling any product including same day auto loans, the lenders need to be extremely creative about the deal as everyone in the market is aware that students do not have enough cash to strike a costly deal. Hence, rebates and discounts, low interest rates, lower down payments and other assistance is provided on the new car financed for students.

Student auto loans can be availed by two different methods. The first is by applying online wherein they can compare auto loan rates, interest rates and then decide on the type of loan they want. Second is by approaching dealers or a car finance company. Students do not have any credit history and hence they are provided secured car loans up to a particular limit.

One advantage of securing same day auto loan via the online medium is that it provides a big opportunity to the students of building up on ones credit rating which is otherwise not possible. Timely payment can help them build a good credit rating and this in turn will assure that they can avail other loans, secure a job, and buy homes in the near future. Once they have another asset with them such as a home, it will be even easier for them to avail secured car loans in lieu of the home being kept as the security.

10 Steps to Successfully Sell A Used Car

Many people buy used cars directly from their owners. I’m one of the “many,” mostly so I can avoid the high pressure sales hassle of going to a used car lot…and the expensive commission! There is a lot of room for mistakes when selling your used car, from pricing and advertising, to negotiating and finalizing. Allow me to optimize your used car’s payout potential with 10 simple steps to help anyone turn their used car into new cash.

Step 1: Research The Used Car Market

How do you know if your car going to be hard or easy to sell? What is “hot” in the used car market at the moment and where is the best place to research used cars like yours?
Here are some general rules about the used car market that stand the test of time:
Family sedans are in constant demand by those in need of basic, inexpensive transportation. Boring…but “old faithful” never goes out of style.
Convertibles and sports cars are seasonal sellers. Sales will be high when the sun is too. Fall and winter will cool their appeal…and lower your profit if you sell them then.
Trucks and vans are steady sellers with anyone who needs them for work. Price them competitively and they’ll sell well any time of year.
Collector cars usually take longer to sell and can be difficult to appraise and price correctly. Yet, to the right buyer, these cars can be worth much more than you thought.

NOTE: Read my article at on “How To Appraise The Value Of A Used Car.”

First check out some on-line classified ads to find how your type of car is priced. Search your car’s specific make and model on Internet sites like “Used Vehicle Locator.” See how many similar cars are currently on the market, and figure out their price range. In addition to asking and selling prices, be sure to note the cars’ condition, mileage, and location. Each of these variables can effect a used car’s price greatly.

Step 2: Determine A Reasonable Asking Price For Your Used Car

After you finish researching on-line used cars, you can use “True Market Value” (TMV®) to determine the fair market value of your used car. The prices there are adjusted for mileage, color, region, options and condition. While you’re on their website, you can also print a “For Sale” sign for your windshield. Some believe that an “For Sale” sign will give your used car’s asking price credibility.

With all rules of pricing, there are always exceptions. So ask a little more for your used car than you’ll settle for and be flexible with your asking price. For example, list your car for $10,500, if you want to get $10,000 for the car.

Used car dealers prices usually end in “995,” as in $9,995. Their prices are based in the science of psychology. A product that didn’t sell at $20 might at $19.95. But, a private party seller does NOT want to look like a used car dealer. You can simply set your asking price at a round figure such as $9,750 or $10,500.

Step 3: Get Your Car Ready To Make A Great First Impression

Potential buyers who come to view your car may make up their minds within seconds. You never get a second chance to make a first impression, so be sure their first look is positive.
Before you even advertise your used car for sale, it must look clean and attractive AKA have “curb appeal.”. Here is a “curb appeal” check list to turn your oldie into a goodie:
Wash and vacuum your car. Ideally, you should have it detailed.

Clean the inside and outside of all windows and all mirrors.
Wash the dashboard, ashtrays, cup holders and all organizers.\
Clean the tire rims and treat the tires with a tire gloss product.
Make sure your car functions mechanically and is free of dents, dings and scratches.
If it is not, read my articles here on “How To Get Rid Of Car Dents” and “Scratches.”
Consider making low-cost repairs yourself rather than selling it “as is.”
Read my articles here on “How To Repair” just about anything on your car.
Remove EVERYTHING of yours from the vehicle, so potential buyers can visualize it as their own when they give it a test drive.
Have all your car’s maintenance records readily available.
If your car is due for servicing or an oil change, do these before listing it.
Have your mechanic issue a report to assure buyers of it’s good condition.
Get a Carfax report. This shows potential buyers know the car’s title is clean and it’s odometer reading is accurate. Carfax invested a lot of money in TV advertising. So, their brand name is strong and buyers will feel secure when they see it.

Step 4: Advertise Your Used Car For Sale

Most sellers advertise used cars in newspaper classified ads. They are expensive, but get results. Internet classified ads (like the Used Vehicle Locator mentioned earlier) are a less expensive option that is becoming more popular every year. On-line ads reach a geographically wider area, and are most effective for rare, collector cars.
Here are the most popular advertising methods for used cars:
Internet classified ads
Newspaper classified ads
Bulletin boards
Word of mouth
“For Sale” signs in the car window

If you do choose to pay for an expensive, newspaper classified ad, be ready and available to take lots of phone call questions and make appointments for viewings. No matter how many stupid questions you’ve answered that day, you MUST be polite on the phone. A good first impression during the phone call is the first step to getting buyers for a viewing.

Step 5: Write A Concise Used Car Ad That Says More With Less Words

When it comes to paying for expensive, newspaper classified ads, a small amount of little words must be used to convey a lot about your used car. Your ad must include your car’s price, year, make, model and trim level, mileage, color, condition and options. You can say more in less space by using the following abbreviations and phrases:
Must Sell!: This often means the owner must sell the car at a low price in a short time.
OBO: This means “or best offer” and says the seller is willing to hear offers below the asking price.
Asking Price: This means the seller will negotiate about the final sale price of the car.
Firm: This means the seller will NOT negotiate, and will wait until they get their price.

Step 6: Host Used Car Viewings For Prospective Buyers

Use common sense, and a little intuition, to evaluate prospective buyers. If a person seems difficult, too aggressive, untruthful or untrustworthy on the phone, take their information, but do NOT schedule a viewing for them yet. Wait for other buyers and save them as a “last resort.” Easy going buyers will make selling a used car easy too.

Some sellers feel unsafe at the thought of having strangers come to their home to view their used car. If you don’t wish to show your car at your house, arrange to do so at a nearby park or shopping center. Remember the final buyer will see your address on the car title.

When you sell your used car, people will also be evaluating you as the previous owner. Buyers may be thinking, “Do I trust this seller?” Buyers may be uneasy about the big decision and large sum of money.

Potential buyers will test-drive your car. Before they do, check to make sure they have a driver license! Always ride along with them, to protect your vehicle, give directions to those unfamiliar with your area, and to answer any questions about your car’s history and performance.

Potential buyers may ask to take your car to their mechanic for inspection. An inspection report from your mechanic may ease their minds, pr they may still insist on their own. If you feel uncomfortable or doubt their trust, decline the buyer’s offer or ride along with them.

Step 7: Negotiate Your Used Car’s Price

When a potential buyer comes to look at your car, expect them to make an offer once it passes their approval. Know that most people are NOT comforta

Just what exactly Most people Have got to Know about Car windows

Quite possibly essentially the most intimidating items for virtually any car or truck operator to finish would be to cope with auto glass or windshield replacement. This honestly is one thing quite not exactly the same for the reason that films, where by consumers who generate without having dwelling windows and windshields to be humorous and significantly entertaining. Within the real lifestyle, obtaining a broken vehicle windows will perhaps cause car or truck related mishaps, which go forward and acquire lives of a number of individuals each and every day. These mishaps have grown to be a throughout the world issue, and that’s why the automotive field has centered on security innovation by the ages. What the majority of people don’t know, nevertheless, would be the reality that windshields are security and preventive actions by themselves.

They may be manufactured to compress air inside automobile to guarantee that the vehicle’s constraint techniques to work. By way of example, an airbag procedure requires a strong and effectively glued car or truck windows to operate efficiently. If the automotive windows jumps out due to unstable air deployment, the airbag won’t have the capability to supply the safety required to continue to keep your driver alive inside the occasion of mishaps. These shields also just take into consideration 20% within the car’s total energy. Potentially thanks to this , the purposes authorities authorities all over the entire world require car or truck producers to have all in their products certified and meet a greater threshold of energy and sturdiness.

Even so, very like anything at all in existence, awesome items ended. This is accurate for your most powerful windshields, also it just becomes dependent on which can end very first – with respect to the way a person goodies his vehicle. Finally, a modest crack or perhaps a glass nick can compromise a complete auto windows.

It is actually necessary, then, for any driver or motor vehicle fanatic to routinely investigate the overall health belonging to the shield for being ready to look for the correct solution. If it is really honestly a modest nick, the difficulty can be solved working with a restore resin and sprucing up remedy. For even larger cracks, however, a whole windshield replacement could possibly be essential.

The original move to solve the problem is usually to eradicate the motor vehicle windows. It could appearance simple, but in reality, it takes the greatest volume of treatment just because a single miscalculation can permanently hurt the pinch weld, which accounts for keeping the protect in position. Failing to acquire this finished migh consequence in the direction of the adhesive for that new shield to not seal properly. This can result in the information on leaks in addition to rust corrosion. Dealing with these complaints later on on may just be much more pricey and financially draining later on on.

In case you will get no issues in getting rid of the damaged protect, the next matter could be to identify a alternate with the identical or better tier quality. Most people must make certain the glass is just not very skinny, which her exact same measurement of the prior one particular. Neglecting to undertake this might lead to elevated highway noise, leaks, coupled with a not-so-sturdy installation, which is badly as getting a damaged auto windows.

Selecting the perfect adhesive occurs. Ensure those acquired are used by producers themselves to become capable for being assured in their quality. Right after this stuff, the brand name new shield is now able to put in. It is recommended for everyone to find out the systems the Auto Glass Option Security specifications Council have set, to become have the ability to be certain most protection. Incorporated with this are permitting the adhesive to generate prior to the motor vehicle could possibly be pushed yet again. See, cars are vital areas of individuals lives, and for this to become helpful, a windshield replacement operation involves persistence and should be treated such as the way a ill member from the family unit is going to be dealt with.

What You Want To Do About Your Car Insurance Plan Before Picking Up Your Brand New Vehicle

Each of us will be excited to drive our new car out of the showroom. As this excitement builds up, we often forget to buy a car insurance plan for the vehicle. At this point, remember to slow down and contact your car insurance specialist. Ask him to get you covered before you bring your new toy into the streets. You need to maintain financial responsibility.

Different factors come into play as you think about whether you should renew with your existing insurer or not. As you receive the renewal letter, such are the thoughts you may have. There will be many people who will put the letter at a corner so as to make a decision at the very last minute. This is one good strategy to live in self-denial. Then again, you have to use a little common sense. You have people whom you love that are depending on your wise decisions so they can stay happy and free from debt. Therefore you have to renew your car insurance as early as you can.

You have to be aware that there are a total of three different coverages. They are third party only insurance, third party fire and theft as well as comprehensive coverage. If possible and if your budget allows, always choose to insure under the comprehensive package. There is also a reason why this is most popular. Although this is the most expensive, the coverage is also the widest and the best. People learn to recognize they things they have done wrong, and they move towards the right decisions over some time. As for you, you will either choose to learn through mistakes or learn through advice.

You are the best person who will be able to understand a great deal about yourself. The insurer cannot do this job for you. Your good friend cannot help you with this too. Even though they can encourage you, this is all they can do. You have to discover yourself after all. Yet you will find somebody who can help you rather effectively because of what he does. It will be the auto insurance consultant. If you want to protect your car in the best way you know how, this is one person who can not only tell you what you needs may be, he can do a little planning for you. In this way you can save your time and effort.

There are riders that you can use to enhance the coverage of your car insurance policy. These little tools are affordable and you can choose to get them or drop them at your own convenience. How nice this is. You must always let the customer care consultant from the insurer’s office know what you need. They can be careless. If she does not know what you are talking about, you can use the help of the car insurance specialist. They will surely know what you are talking about since he is an expert in this field. And he can use different riders to make sure your car protection package is sound.

If you have took up a car loan, then you may need to buy a comprehensive motor insurance to satisfy the criteria of the finance company whom you took up the loan from. You will not be able to get a third party coverage. This is because the finance company will require you to assure them that you will have the money to pay them in case the car is totally destroyed.

If you need to get more information concerning car insurance over the internet, make sure that you look up key phrases similar to online motor insurance quotation and oac car insurance singapore so as to understand more about this particular topic.

5 Reasons Why New Start-Ups Should Invest In Car Tracker Technology

Efficiency is key for new businesses, and investing in car tracker technology could be the decision that helps your company grow and prosper safely. The business world can be particularly vicious to new start-ups. One of the biggest threats young companies face are spiralling costs. You need to limit these as much as possible from the get go, and avoid any unnecessary spending wherever possible. Car tracking technology can help you cut your costs in a number of ways:

Secure Your Vehicles

One of the largest investments you are likely to make is on vehicles. If something unplanned happens to these vehicles, the consequences can be disastrous – especially if the business relies on them. Installing car trackers will mean they are far more secure, and easy to recover should they be stolen.

Save On Fuel Costs

Any company that runs multiple vehicles will need to focus on reducing fuel costs, as increasing efficiency even slightly in that department will have a huge effect on yearly bills, and your company’s viability. Vehicle tracking units can monitor how effectively employees drive vehicles, meaning any inefficiencies can be ironed out, and each gallon can be made to stretch further.

Save Time and Money

Tracker units can be used to instantly generate the quickest routes for drivers, and to help them avoid congested areas. This means they’ll spend less time on the roads, saving time, fuel and money.

Save on Maintenance Costs

If you use the data from your tracking units to train staff members to drive more carefully, and to drive the quickest routes, it’s also likely that you’ll benefit from reduced maintenance costs. Your vehicles will be under less strain – and travel fewer miles – so will be less likely to need expensive repairs on a regular basis.

Build Your Reputation

Another added benefit to cutting your mileage, and improving the driving styles of your employees, is that you will generate a good reputation. For starters, you will have a unique insight into your drivers’ current locations, so will be able to provide fantastic customer service by informing customers of exact delivery times. Your company will also build a reputation for being environmentally friendly, and wasting less fuel – which is increasingly important for customers.

Investing in Car Tracker Technology

Car tracker technology may seem like an avoidable expense at this early stage, but used properly, it can ensure your business has a solid foundation to grow from, and that wastage is reduced to a minimum.

Considering Simple Products For Car Insurance

When you are a family person, the safety of your own kids should often be your own number one priority. In order not to waste too much of you time and that of the broker, tell them before hand the cheapest quote you have and that, if they are able to beat it, you will be very glad to take the cheaper one they offer you. If a person is looking for the finest way to save hundreds of dollars each year then he is certainly making the best choices. Once you have found a place where you can get your hands on cheap auto insurance you need to then request a few different quotes and compare them together. If you own a car, then make sure that you have car insurance.

Provided they are all based at the same address, several people can share the same policy. If you live in the UK you have the option of buying cheap temporary car insurance instead of always going for a standard annual policy. Some people are bothered by the idea of burdening their children or beneficiary of their estate at the time of death. However, before starting our online shopping for cart insurance, it is worth considering what the drawbacks of this method are. That may not be the same company that your sister or business partner uses.

Premiums vary and take into account employee ages and driving history as well as the number of cars in the fleet. If you know that you don’t have any citations on your record, don’t worry about this. You see, because you deal with the agent face to face, you are able to ask and point out gray areas so you can understand the whole deal better. You would need to get it translated and attested from your respective consulates. Your payment could increase each time you have to pay by installment.

Many insurance companies will sell their insurance for less on the internet. A more expensive car is much more likely to be stolen than a simple car. If your car gets stolen (especially more than once), insurance companies will consider your car to be at high risk, thus the amount of your insurance premium will greatly increase. Again, the luxury car would be the more expensive choice because it costs more to insure. The 15,000 figure represents the amount of money the insurance company will pay on your behalf for each claim against you.

Initiating the process requires the disclosing of personal information to the business entity involved. can suspend your driving privileges for failure to carry valid auto insurance. There are a few types of auto-related insurance coverage – theft and fire, comprehensive and liability. But, it can also assist with huge medical expenses incurred from a car accident, temporary income replacement if you lose your job due to car injuries or assist in financially repairing or replacing your damaged car. If you are worried about dealing with a flooded car, ask your insurance agent why it is a named exclusion on your policy.

If you have any issues with regards to where and how to use cheap online car insurance quote, you can get in touch with us at the web page.

Car Products That Promote Safety

In the automotive industry there have been many inventions that promote safety and save people’s lives. In recent years, several car products were invented due to an event, incident, or a reoccurring problem that a person went through. Two of these car products are the Drop Stop seat wedge and the ignition interlock device (IID).

The Seat Wedge

Picture yourself driving on the road and your cell phone rings. The cell phone is sitting on the middle console, so you reach for the phone and it accidentally falls down in the crack between the car seat and the console. As you are searching for the phone, you become very distracted and almost crash into a telephone pole.

This is what happened to the inventors of the Original Drop Stop, a seat wedge that slides in between the car seat and middle console. It prevents everything from money, food, keys, etc. from falling down the seat crack. The inventors of the Drop Stop hope to prevent dangerous distractions and keep people’s eyes on the road.

Ignition Interlock Device

Over the years alcohol abuse and drinking and driving has been an issue. There have been so many stories shared about drunk drivers who crash and kill innocent people. In an answer to this reoccurring problem, the ignition interlock device was invented and introduced to the marketplace in the 1980’s.

The ignition interlock device is put inside a vehicle and analyzes a driver’s breath. Before the car can go anywhere, the driver has to blow into the device and pass a breath alcohol test. Many states in the U.S. have mandated that repeat drunk driving offenders charged with multiple DUI’s install a ignition interlock device in their vehicles.

The seat wedge and the ignition interlock device are just two of the many car products that promote safety. With all the technological advancements we’ve been experiencing in recent years, we should see many more inventions in the future.

Car Value Figuring out Tips

Having a vehicle is very important these days. It is not only a modern convenience but is now a necessity. You will need us to locations where we need to head out so we can do the things we need to do. Are you able to just imagine life devoid of automobiles? Nothing might get done and the world will remain undeveloped.
Having a car is important pertaining to going to work, likely to school and going in order to places for satisfaction. Everyone dreams of possessing their own car. A possible problem is you need to preserve in order to purchase a vehicle. People save up for several years or get loans to be able to buy his or her car.

When buying or selling a car, Car Value calculator is vital. It will determine the specific worth of the car you are preparing to buy or sell. This is a very useful device that can save you a lot of money. A car value car loan calculator will help you determine the precise value of a particular automobile.
Many factors are crucial in order to use an automobiles value calculator properly. Before trying to use a car or truck value calculator, you have to know some information about the auto that you’re looking at. Your make and model of the auto is important in order to establish its value. The season of production can also be needed and miles of the car and history regarding the vehicle.
Did it go through any type of accident? Was it an accident or a significant wreck? You also want to know the features of the automobile like sunroof, airbags, electricity windows etc. These functions can increase the value of the automobile significantly. The final condition of the automobile is also important. The surface and interior on the car is also crucial when using a car benefit calculator. The condition of this mechanical parts of the car is also important. How well does it run? You have to know as much as you can in regards to the car because you have to enter this information for the car value calculator to get a good estimate.
Many websites offer very good calculators that will provide you with a good estimate in the worth of a car. This is important so you can spend less when purchasing a car. If you’re selling a car, you can actually get the highest price tag for it. Some of the best on the web calculators are Edmunds, Prizes and NADA. Different good calculators can also be found. It’s advisable to employ as many calculators as you can and average the estimate amount considering that the proximate value varies when using different websites.
Calculators that determine the price of a car are very useful. The best thing about them is usually that the service is free in websites. Now you need not pay a lot of money in order to get a Car Value estimate from experts. The possibility of being totaly ripped off when purchasing a car is also smaller because of these types of invaluable online resources.

Used Car Search Information

Government and public bulletins and sites inside the locality make fantastic sources of auction schedules for all residents of NH. Made use of car guides, including Kelly Blue Book, might help decide what it may be worth. Bringing along a blue book to show you the worth of your vehicles in the automobile auctions might be of excellent advantage. But most cars will likely be completely drivable; there could possibly be a number of scratches or dents but very easily repaired. The paint and the exterior in the auto may perhaps happen to be modified and repaired completely to produce the auto look extravagant and almost new.

One may possess the urge to bid additional but then it will defeat the goal of having a low price tag. It is advisable to put some funds aside to the mechanic just in the event that. It is not great adequate simply to go to cars auctions with out being aware of exactly what we want. These auctions are held just about every once inside a when in particular locations inside the nation. Also the fact that there are actually a great number of autos out there implies that you can probably obtain just what you would like in a really short time frame.

The cars that happen to be auctioned at seized automobile auctions are considerably less costly. You can find a lot of information and facts that may serve you. First of all, it is significant to take time just before making any decisions. Remember that you are participating in a seized car or truck auction, so some vehicles may not have keys out there. Nevertheless, in the event the auction is held near to exactly where you live, then it is encouraged that you simply join the reside auction so you are able to see the actual car you will be about to purchase.

Are you currently inside the market place for any new car and you happen to be considering saving income like 99% of individuals available. There are a few internet web pages on the market that, for any small fee, enable you access to their databases where they list not just state and nation wide auto auctions, but in addition possess a listing of each and every auto up for bid on the net, proper on hand. Automobile auction web sites are the most effective point considering the fact that sliced bread when it comes to obtaining a auto auction near you. Here’s more information regarding police car auctions check out the site. They jack up the rates of each and every car to create up the differences. Free government car auctions have already been around for fairly a long time.

If they have many cars of this nature around the lot not getting sold, then poor salesmanship could be implied. An auction that may be initiated from the government is generally held at a particular location and this can be generally performed frequently. With this great news you can find a couple of products which you require to watch out for before you decide to obtain your next automobile from an auction dealer. That is definitely, you will pay a certain percent with the total bid towards the auction web page, which is often rather a sum, in case it really is 10% or your bid for example. If you do uncover your regional auction for repossessed cars, government surplus or bank repossessions, what is the very best way of going about receiving that specific deal which you only dreamed of.

Car Cover: The Importance of Insurance for Used Car Purchases

It may seem like a bit of a chore but doing a little research before you set out will always stand you in good stead. Decide which make you want, as well as your ideal model and colour. On top of that it can also be useful to find out which cars have the cheapest tax and insurance, armed with that it’s much easier to calculate a budget for the total amount you can spend.

Autotrader suggest that the cheapest cars to insure include the Ford Fiesta, Vauxhall Corsa, Renault Clio and Ford KA, though obviously exact amounts could differ depending on other factors. Since it’s so quick to get car insurance quotes online it should be fairly easy to get an accurate idea of how much you could be looking at.

Chosen your ideal model and looked into how much the car insurance should cost? The next step is to look at similar models over a variety of newspapers and used car websites, so that you have an idea of what your dream car should cost.

Wheeling and Dealing
If you’re unable to take a mechanic down to see the car with you then there are some important things to remember to make sure you don’t get conned. Firstly get the sellers home phone number (rather than mobile), and confirm it’s correct by calling them – this can be a good way of reassuring yourself that they are legitimate.

When it comes to test-driving the car, ask the owner to come with you and remember to check reversing and the brakes. Ideally you should start the test-drive when the car is cold. If the seller drives to meet you somewhere the car will have warmed up, which could affect it’s performance, making it seem in better condition than it actually is. It’s always best to test-drive a new car in a mixture of weather and light conditions, but obviously that’s not always possible.

Checking for faults in the car may seem like a bit of a daunting task but, Autotrader also has a brilliant list of things to look out for. Ask to see the logbook (every car should have one) for further clues about the car’s history. If you decide you like the car then make sure the paperwork is in order, ideally this should consist of a full service history. Beyond that you may want to pay to get a car history check. This can cost around 20 but may reveal hidden details such as the car having been repossessed in the past.

When it comes to negotiating the price don’t be afraid to haggle. After all of your hard research you should know roughly how much the car should cost, and once you’ve seen it and gauged it’s condition you should have a clearer idea. If the owner is not willing to compromise and you can’t reconsider your budget then you can always walk away. Remember, there are plenty more cars out there!

Used and Approved
Dealerships often buy back used cars to sell them on. The ones that make the cut are known as ‘used approved’ vehicles. They have to meet strict sets of criteria and are checked by mechanics to make sure they are in good working order.

Used approved vehicles often come with 12 months of warranty, which obviously affords you extra peace of mind. Used approved vehicles are ideal if you would like some of the benefits of a brand new car without the price tag.

Nothing gives you that warm feeling inside like a bargain, and saving money on the car itself should help to make up for the soaring petrol prices! But remember purchasing too hastily could result in a bad decision, and the amount you save on a cheap car could be engulfed by all those mechanic bills to keep it on the road.